Sensors for a Cleaner World

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Monitor and Deter Smoking in Prohibited Areas

Sensors detect secondhand cigarette and marijuana smoke
Violations are reported via Wi-Fi or recorded and then retrieved via Bluetooth.

What We Do

Protect Living Spaces

Secondhand smoke detectors are installed to a power outlet or hardwired into the building systems.


A connected sensor is monitored via a wifi connection with 24/7 reporting to the owner of violations.

Real Time Reports

Sensor data is logged on-board, in real time and may be retrieved at the convenience of the user.

Tamper Proof

The system is designed to thwart typical efforts to defeat detection, ensuring a smoke-free environment.

Nicotine and Marijuana Detectors

Wearable Our wearable unit is battery powered and fits in the palm of your hand. It may be configured to detect, in real time, nicotine from secondhand cigarette smoke or components of marijuana smoke. It records smoking events to internal memory so that a permanent record of time-stamped smoking events is retrievable. The device communicates via Bluetooth technology and the user interacts with the unit via our Android app. Researchers and individuals concerned about their exposure will find this device suitable to their needs. (Available 2016)

Plug-In Our plug-in detector fits into a standard two-unit wall receptacle with tamper resistant screws and provides pass-through access to the power outlet. It operates continuously to monitor the room environment. Data is stored in on-board memory. Detected smoking violations are reported to a central monitoring system via Wi-Fi and the owner is immediately notified via email. This device is well-suited to the needs of those managing hotels, multi-unit complexes, dormitories, etc. (Available January 2016)