The Last Frontier of Clean
is Air Quality

Elevate the Guest Experience

Exceed guest expectations, drive new revenue streams, and ensure healthier room environments with the definitive molecular air quality monitoring solution for hospitality.

The FreshAir Difference

Drive New Revenue Streams

Unlock and monetize in-room air quality as a core component of the guest experience.

FreshAir Certified

Highlight the lack of smoking and odors at your property with rooms that are guaranteed to have a higher standard of air quality.

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Gain Scientific Proof of Smoking

Solve smoking challenges and eliminate chargebacks with scientific evidence

The Industry’s Only Molecular Sensor

Leverage hard science – not off-the-shelf detectors – to eliminate false alarms and common guest excuses with court-proven technology.

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Deliver an Oasis of Safe, Serene, and Clean

Ensure cleanliness and protect your brand with odor-free rooms enabled by key interfaces across the technology stack.

Integrate and Automate

Work smarter not harder and reduce burdens on staff by automating incident response processes and cleaning workflows.

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How it works

  • FreshAir Sensor makes it fast and easy to implement the only technology to monitor for and specifically detect tobacco and marijuana smoke in indoor environments.

  • The FreshAir sensor continuously monitors for airborne tobacco and marijuana molecules.

  • Confirmed molecular detection of smoking triggers an alert to the FreshAir Sensor monitoring platform and hotel staff.

  • The property’s standard smoking response processes are executed via interfaces with the property’s technology stack to include autobilling fees, guest messaging, and cleaning response ticket creation.

Connect Your Air Quality Ecosystem

Automate air quality monitoring, associated billing, communications, and cleaning processes with our interface ecosystem.

FreshAir Sensor Integration


“FreshAir has become JNR’s best practice to reduce smoking incidents and to enforce the smoking fees when guests violate the 100% no-smoking policy.”

Robins Patel, Principal

"In our first 6 months FreshAir Sensor has paid for itself for the next 3 years and we have not had a single chargeback. Revenue boost, cleaner rooms, happier guests. Just try it!"

Mary Wren, Director of Hotel Operations

“The revenue generated pays for the devices and monitoring, deep cleaning labor, and general cleaning of the rooms (curtains and other fabrics). Another benefit is the amount of service recovery we’re saving on complaints.”

Trinity Updegrove, Director of Hotel Operations

Why embrace indoor air quality monitoring?


of guests are concerned with health & wellness.


of consumers rank room cleanliness as their #1 experience factor.


of consumers rank lack of odors as the #1 indicator of cleanliness.


of consumers rank odors as the #1 factor that would cause a negative review.


of non-smoking rooms are smoked in each month.

Science Matters

When it comes to maximizing revenue, reducing the impact of common air quality challenges, and delivering healthier guest environments, science matters.

Molecular Sensor for Smoking (ours)

Molecularly specific polymer (A) bonds only with target tobacco and/or marijuana molecules (B) while ignoring any other type of non-targeted molecule (C). Smoking Alerts are triggered only by tobacco and/or marijuana molecules.

Generic Particle/VOC Detector (theirs)

Particulates of a certain size (A) pass through the opening and flow between the light source (B) and the photo diode (C) which measure the concentration of particles. The detector does not distinguish between tobacco/marijuana smoke and other common particulates.

In the news

FreshAir Sensor Announces Integration with Amadeus HotSOS 

A new integration between FreshAir Sensor and Amadeus HotSOS enables hoteliers to seamlessly incorporate FreshAir air quality monitoring into their existing HotSOS workflows, ensuring efficient management of deep cleaning processes.

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