Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Names FreshAir Sensor Supplier of the Year

Award highlights instant, positive operational and financial results of FreshAir Smoking Sensors in casino hotels.

The Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (NHLA) named FreshAir Sensor Supplier of the Year at its 2023 Stars of the Industry Hospitality Awards Gala at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas.

The award recognizes FreshAir’s exceptional service to the hospitality industry, the community and Nevada.

The Supplier of the Year Award highlights the effectiveness of FreshAir’s patented, revolutionary sensor technology to tackle the problem of unauthorized tobacco and marijuana smoking in hotel rooms and suites.

FreshAir Smoking Alerts provide immediate, indisputable proof of tobacco and marijuana smoking.

The FreshAir Smoking Detection Systems generates instant, positive financial and operational returns for hotel clients with the only sensors that can detect smoking on a molecular level.

FreshAir Sensor President, Jack O’Toole, accepting the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association Supplier of the Year award

Constantly juggling many priorities and vendors, casino hotel executives remark how easy it is to install and set up FreshAir Smoking Detection Devices.

Hotel managers say scientific proof from FreshAir Smoking Sensors enables them to reduce smoking, charge cleaning fees, and avoid chargebacks.

Feedback from casino hotel executives:

“I have dealt with at least a dozen different vendors in my 21 years at this company, and FreshAir Sensor has been one of the best! We have direct contact with an account representative who is able to answer any questions we have, most times the same day. In the casino industry that’s rare.” – Mary Wren, Mohegan Sun

“FreshAir Sensor pays for itself, and the guests have a better room. Guests are notified as soon as they smoke, not at the end of their stay which could give them multiple smoking opportunities.” – Trinity Updegrove, Bally’s

“I expected this program to cost us a good amount, and we wouldn’t see a return. I am happy to say that over a year later, our compensation offered per occupied room is way down. Furthermore, we have actually generated revenue from the program that was double the cost of the program.”
– Hotel Executive, 2,000 room luxury casino hotel

“We haven’t lost any chargebacks as guests have not even tried. Once the evidence is shown to them, they tend to just give up.”
– Mary Wren, Mohegan Sun

“Once we implemented it, we collected more smoking fees in the first few months than we’d successfully collected in the three years prior. This system changed our ability to collect on fees in a positive way. Also, word got around, and smoking in the rooms has gradually decreased.”
– Matthew Ulm, Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel

“The use of FreshAir Sensor’s technology has allowed us to create a cleaner and more pleasant atmosphere for our guests, while adding revenue for our hotel operation. We now feel closer to being able to ‘certify’ or guarantee a non-smoking experience for our hotel guests… Our Market Metric scores have gone up, because our complaints have gone down.”
– Hotel Executive, Urban Casino Hotel

“In our first 6 months, I have paid the lease fee for the next 3 years already! Beyond the revenue from fees, compensation due to rooms smelling like smoke has easily been cut in half. We see benefit on the cleaning side as well. Less burn holes in carpets, less odor elimination chemical being purchased.”
– Mary Wren, Mohegan Sun

The award also recognizes FreshAir’s active engagement with NHLA and its members.

NHLA showcases FreshAir’s expertise in no-smoking policy and procedure enforcement on its Master Key Blog:

  • Scientific Proof of Smoking Removes Ambiguity for Hoteliers: Unlike traditional smoke detectors that indiscriminately indicate any particles, FreshAir’s novel and patented sensors bind only with specific molecules that are present when someone is actively smoking tobacco or marijuana. FreshAir sensors are not fooled by candles, incense, dust, pollen, steam, or other non-smoking sources. When hotel clients receive FreshAir smoking alerts, they have reliable, stand-alone proof of the smoking incident … read more

FreshAir produces webinars for NHLA members, such as “Smoking Violations at Your Hotel?” where participants discussed:

  • Actual cost of smoking policy violations;
  • Impact of COVID on guests’ perceptions;
  • Solutions for detecting, proving, and charging for smoking incidents (even without physical evidence); and
  • Multi-year study case study for a casino hotel.

FreshAir executives serve on NHLA’s Clean and Green Committee and Technology Committee helping to organize events, create educational content, and enhance professional development:

  • Clean and Green Committee: Promotes best practices in housekeeping and sustainability, efficiency, communication, education, and environmental practices in today’s hospitality industry. The focus is on best operational practices to reduce costs while increasing guest satisfaction.
  • Technology Committee: Ensures new industry trends, technologies, current issues, and resources are made available to all NHLA members.

For NHLA’s 2023 Industry Awards, FreshAir Sensor sponsored the Safety, Security or Risk Management Star of the Year.

About FreshAir’s Patented Smoking Sensors:

  • The Only Sensor that Detects Smoking on a Molecular Level – proprietary technology specifically detects only tobacco and marijuana smoke.
  • Immediate Results Improve Financials and Operations – increased cleaning fee revenue, fewer customer complaints, reduced cleaning costs, and better guest reviews.
  • Proven in the Real World – 24×7 monitoring and reporting in tens of millions of room nights, 11 US patents, and court case validated.
  • Used by Top Hotels and Casinos – thousands of hotels across the country using FreshAir Smoking Sensors for indisputable proof of smoking.
  • Essential to Staying Smoke-Free – FreshAir Smoking Sensors are not “nice to have,” they are “need-to-have” to maintain smoke-free and clean hotels.
  • FreshAir Stands Behind Every Sensor and Hotel Client – American made and dedicated support for each property.
  • Plug and Play Installation – simple and secure WiFi setup with no special software or expensive integration – solving headaches without creating headaches!